Mikeno Lodge Offers Gorilla Trek in Congo

Meanwhile, for the gorilla treks in Virunga National Park are all conducted by the Mikeno Lodge as it’s only its itinerary that is followed if you are to trek gorillas in Park.

When you wish to trek the mountain gorillas in Virunga, it is now a mandate to follow the Mikeno itinerary; this is because some parts of the park are still not 100% secure and so the lodge will have to make sure you trek in the totally secure regions of the park as you also take residence there, during your spell in Virunga.

Booking direct through Virunga National Park or a trusted tour agency, which works with the park, will see you enjoying the gorilla expeditions in the most famous national park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

When trekking the mountain gorillas in Virunga basing at the Mikeno Lodge, you will also be in position to visit the Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Centre. Senkwekwe Orphanage is located within the grounds of Mikeno Lodge; thus, guests of the lodge have a great opportunity to visit the world’s only orphanage for mountain gorillas.

You will enjoy the amazing daily behaviors of these orphan mountain gorillas and more so there also lives the eastern lowland gorillas in the Orphanage which were removed from Bukavu and Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Experiences you get from here are exceptional and of a lifetime!

Mikeno Lodge not only offers mountain gorilla trekking expeditions in Virunga but also offers many other activities in the park, such as; chimpanzee tracking, Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano to its summits and spot the bubbling lava lake (largest in the world), bird watching, community walks, nature walks, among others.

Therefore, when you want to trek the endangered mountain gorillas in Virunga Park, there is only one accommodation to stay at – Mikeno Lodge. This further implies that you should book a stay at the Lodge prior to your trip in the park to eschew inconveniences. A gorilla permit in Democratic Republic of Congo costs US$ 400 and it should also be purchased prior to your arrival in the park – advance booking is usually essential.