Gorilla Permits

Are you planning for gorilla safari journeys in Africa? Visit the Democratic Republic of Congo found in the central Africa. In Democratic Republic of Congo you find the oldest gorilla national park (Virunga National Park) in the northern side after Goma, and this park is a home to mountain gorillas and this park is part of the Virunga chains and it is bordered by two East African countries like Rwanda and Uganda and each of these countries protects the parks part like Volcanoes National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park respectively.

Out of these three countries it is Democratic Republic of Congo offering the most and best discounted gorilla permits compared to the neighbouring countries like Uganda and Rwanda. The gorilla permit in Democratic Republic of Congo cost $ 400 USD in high season and $ 200 USD in low season. Therefore, if you are planning to do single, double or triple gorilla safari in Congo it is relatively cheap to purchase the gorilla permits of your treks. Dealing with the local Congo tour company like Eco Tours Congo the experience is so much affordable and easy to plan.

The best process to acquire your gorilla permit it is better to book your Congo safari with a local tour operator and after purchasing your gorilla permit then you can go ahead and process for your tourist visa and all this is much possible working with a tour company.

Today, most of tourists visit Congo because of the discounted gorilla permits compared to Rwanda and Uganda where gorilla permits are a bit high priced like $ 1500 USD and $ 600 USD per person respectively.