Gorilla Tours and Conservation in Congo


Conservation efforts in Congo have mainly focused on attaining a balance between meeting the diverse and ever-growing needs of communities and preservation of breeding grounds for mountain gorillas and the lowland gorillas. To achieve this, community based and individual analysis has taken the forefront.

Strategies have been taken to achieve a sustainable livelihood through economically empowering these masses in alternative revenue generating projects to substitute deforestation and uncontrolled natural resource access within the protected regions.

This has seen communities leasing lands to expand on the protected areas and also trust funds generated through gorilla tourism help develop and bring services to the communities and help support sustainable agriculture. Other efforts such as involving communities in decision making and sensitization of importance of conserving wildlife have also taken root.

Other than community-based efforts such as improved lodging and infrastructure, park headquarter renovations have been done to encourage tourism. Other gorilla conservation activities include periodic gorilla census counts on the concentrated mountain gorilla habitats, ranger patrols, disabling of set traps, on ground law enforcement and safeguards of protected areas.

Gorilla tourism remains an important asset to Congo since it gives it a comparative advantage over neighbouring countries with no gorillas through the revenue it fetches annually.

Congo is blessed to have the rear and endangered mountain gorillas as well as the Eastern Lowland gorillas that can be trekked in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Travelers visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo can therefore enjoy gorilla trekking and get to see both the lowland gorillas and the mountain gorillas. Experience the joy and a true African feel given by the great Virunga National Park a largely wild unexploited gem as well as Kahuzi Biega national park.

Virunga National Park is less than 1 hour away from Goma the capital of the North Kivu province in the Congo by road. There are chartered flights available as well to Goma. Virunga National Park can also be accessed by road from Kigali via Goma and also from Uganda via Bunagana Boarder post.

This comes with excellent lodging options that will have your comfort, safety and memorable experiences at the forefront. Gorilla trekking permits, accommodation, transportation and meals are all included when you book with us; pick out the one that best suits your preferences and your interests; this will take you in the moons yet in Congo.

In Virunga National Park, all gorilla trekking tours are led by Virunga Rangers and local guides who are responsible for the daily monitoring of Virunga’s ten habituated gorilla groups. Treks usually require 1-2.5 hours of hiking each way, depending on location of the group being trekked and the difficulty of the terrain.

Majority of the lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega Park have been habituated which means that they are quite comfortable being in the presence people. Eastern lowland gorilla trekking in Kahuzi – Biega National Park costs USD 400 per person for a gorilla permit. Trekking usually begins early mornings at 7am with a briefing. The area’s vegetation has favoured the thriving of the eastern lowland gorilla hence making gorilla trekking the prime tour activity at Kahuzi Biega National Park.

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